The Flow Cytometry Core provides the following services to projects from external/internal academia as well as for-profit clients:

Cell Sorting

Ability to sort up to 6 resolved populations of cells simultaneously. The facility is equipped to handle BSL-1 & BSL-2 samples, and perform aseptic and single cell sorting into 96-well plates (for cloning purposes). Samples can be measured and sorted using up to 18 simultaneous fluorochromes that encompass a wide range of available fluorescent dyes. There are three flow cytometry systems available, each with unique capabilities.

Cell Analysis

Samples classified as BSL-1 and BSL-2 can be measured for up to 50 parameters of detection using 18 simultaneous fluorochromes that encompass a vast majority of available fluorescent dyes. Samples can be analyzed from tubes or 96-well plates, and there are three analyzers available, each possessing unique capabilities.

Software Support

The facility manages a site license for data analysis software and a web-based analysis program.

Instrument Training

The FC core provides instrument training for users who desire to become self-operators of the facility instruments. Training is tailored to the user’s needs and experimental goals.

Data Management Services

The data gathered at the facility is securely stored and archived using a highly redundant system, and can be accessed via the web.


The FC core is available to assist researchers in designing experiments, data analysis, software support, method and grant assistance, manuscript support, and consulting.