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Flow Cytometry Core

Our Mission

The Flow Cytometry Core (FC) provides access to flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation and expertise to researchers. Services and training are provided for flow cytometry: cell sorting and multi-parametric analysis of individual cells in solution, calculated from their fluorescent or light scattering characteristics. The core provides assistance in sample processing, data analysis, instrument training, software support, method and grant assistance, manuscript support, and consulting.

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Our Capabilities

The Flow Cytometry Core laboratory is a BSL-2 facility occupying 980 sq. foot space. The laboratory is equipped with a a BD FACSymphony S6 Cell Sorter, a Cytek Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer, and a BD FACSAria Fusion cell sorter. The FC core is also equipped for processing BD ELISPOT kits and reagents, for single-cell cytokine analysis.

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