Rates and Fees, FY23

Rates for Fiscal Year 2023
Instrument/ServiceKU InternalExternal AcademicExternal Market
Cytek Aurora$20/h$31/h$60/h
BD FACS Symphony S6$22/h$34/h$66/h
BD FACS Aria Fusion$20/h$31/h$60/h
Specialized services$40/h$61/h$120/h

Minimum time charge

Minimum charge, Cytek Aurora: 30 minutes

Minimum charge, BD FACSAria Fusion: 1 hour

Minimum charge, BD FACSymphony S6: 1 hour



              At month end, the hours of time reserved versus the actual hours of time used for each reservation is checked via username and computer software records. The greater of the two will be charged. The total amount of time used each month is then listed by user and the invoice will be sent to the users' requested contact (PI or department) for bills at the end of the month.


Booked but unused timed

              No-show or failure to cancel a reservation 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time will result in an 50% charge of reserved time. A full-hour penalty charge will be assessed for unused reservation time more than one hour in duration.


Overtime Penalty

              Please respect others' reservations: If your reserved time slot is immediately followed by a different user's reservation, overtime usage of a machine will result in a full-hour penalty charge.  The penalty is waived if the overtime slot does not have a prior reservation: in that case, regular rates will apply.


Respect for shared instruments

              The KU Flow Cytometry Core is accessible to all faculty members and affiliated personnel, available on a first-come, first-served basis within the university. To maintain these expensive instruments, it is imperative that all users display good lab citizenship to respect our shared core resources. The Flow Cytometry Core is developing its own set of standard operating procedures, including mandatory training for the operation of specific instruments. Users are expected to comply with any additional instructions provided by the technical staff overseeing the core facility.

             Any damage incurred or malfunctioning of an instrument should be promptly reported to the core staff without delay. Neglecting to do so could exacerbate the damage and lead to increased expenses. Minor damage might be covered by the core facility depending on severity, as costs for regular servicing and repairs are factored into the standard rates, however, damage due to failure to follow protocol may incur penalties. Principal Investigators (PIs) will be responsible for covering significant equipment damage caused by user negligence and will be responsible for covering the associated costs.

              If an instrument is damaged due to a user's failure to follow established operating protocols, the user's principal investigator (PI) will be responsible for the repair costs not covered by service contracts. The technical director will inform the PI of the incident and associated charges.