Full Spectrum / Spectral Flow Cytometry

Instrument specifications

The Cytek Aurora leverages full spectrum technology with five lasers, three scattering channels, and 64 fluorescence channels to enable the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application.

•    67 detection channels (64 fluorescence channels,FSC, blue laser SSC, and violet laser SSC).

•    40 colors demonstrated, including fluorochromes with emission spectra in close proximity to each other.

•    No need to reconfigure optical filters for different fluorochromes.

•    Resolution of fluorochrome combinations with high spectral overlap.

•    Automatic Micro-Sampling System (AMS) for acquisition of 96 well plates or 40-tube racks.

•    Full spectrum cytometry enables efficient autofluorescence extraction.

•    Exceptional small particle detection.

•    SSC can resolve 0.2 µm beads from noise.

Five-laser configuration:

355 nm: (16 channels, 365-829 nm), UV

405 nm: (16 channels, 420-829 nm), Violet

488 nm: (14 channels, 498-829 nm), Blue

561 nm: (10 channels, 567-829 nm), Yellow-Green

640 nm: (8 channels, 652-829 nm), Red

Hands-on Training

To schedule a training session, please email the Flow Cytometry Core: flowcore@ku.edu

Training $/hour rates are available on the Rates page.


Cytek Aurora / Spectral Flow Cytometry Training Series

1. Introduction to Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry

2. Reference Controls

3. Panel Design Tools

4. Titrations and Staining

5. Performing Spectral Unmixing

6. Steps for Setting Up a Panel

7. Panel Design Tutorial

8. Reusing Reference Controls


Spectral Panel Design and Optimization

Panel Design and Optimization for High-Dimensional Immunophenotyping Assays Using Spectral Flow Cytometry.

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Panel Optimization for High-Dimensional Immunophenotyping Assays Using Full-Spectrum Flow Cytometry

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